Simple, powerful, error-free, no code apps

Kodsuz empowers you to create cloud-based business applications instantly.


Easy-to-use design system

with modern UI


Manage complex business tasks

with well-designed workflow items


Clear feedbacks and

automated tests


Effortless Cloud Apps, Simplified Design

Coding bottlenecks are a thing of the past. Our platform’s intuitive interface and simplified design system allow you to create high-performance cloud applications effortlessly. Expect speed, security, and error-free operation as our backend guarantees.

Updates with Automated QA: Clear Feedback, No Delays

No more manual quality assurance (QA) to slow you down. Make changes and see them in action instantly. Get immediate, transparent feedback, and move forward without second thoughts. No waiting for approval, no manual checks—just quick, precise updates.


Focus on Your Business, We've Got the Tech

Don't sweat the server issues or database complexities; we handle it all. Our platform scales resources automatically during peak times, like Black Friday. Think of it as having an automated DevOps team, available 24/7, significantly reducing your operational overhead.